GSM Antenna ANTH7100A0200AI1

Sale price$11.95


This antenna is designed for GSM/GPRS/3G & 2.4GHz indoor applications.

Designed for providing effective GSM / GPRS /3G & 2.4GHz performance in indoor applications; this antenna is popular for in vehicle communications as both a versatile antenna for hands free car kits or in after market telemetry applications.
Optimised for use on all 4 GSM / GPRS frequencies, it also offers 3G functionality for mobile broadband users as well as 2.4GHz ISM performance to accommodate users of Bluetooth, WLAN and Zigbee products.
Supplied with 1 metres RG174 cable and an SMA Male connector, it is a simple, cost effective solution for telemetry applications requiring digital wireless connectivit

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